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Grandparent's Day!

 Whether you're Gran and Papa, Nan and Pops, or Grammy and Gramps... Wednesdays are dedicated to you!  


Baby Signs with Tina C.

 Join Ms. Tina and BeeBo™ the Baby Signs® Bear for a signing story time at Almost Grown. BeeBo helps babies as young as seven or eight months begin “talking” about their needs, wants, feelings and even memories. Parents love it because it reduces stress for everyone until their little one can speak clearly and it enhances the infant/parent bond that’s so important in those first three years. 

Ms. Tina


Join Ms. Danielle at 10 AM and Ms. Erika at 3:00 PM as they lead the little ones through a fun and energetic musical exploration!

*Included with general admission to play space*

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Special Events


Parent's Toolbox

We invite speakers to the Cafe that address the wide range of questions and concerns that we as parents have every day!

Upcoming Visitors

We invite a different professional to share their experiences and answer your little one's questions!

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Past Events

New Year's Day Pajama Party 2018



Little ones came and played in their coziest PJs, we had popcorn and enjoyed watching the movie Sing!


December 15th, 2018


Santa threw an awesome pizza party! Lots of imaginative play, live music provided by The Strawbitty Yops and holiday crafts made for a fun packed evening!


Crafty Cupid 2019


We had so much fun making Valentine's Cards and enjoying Music Monsters, with some cookies and punch to top it all off!