Meet your teachers

Ms. Danielle


 Danielle is a bilingual educator with a degree in English Education.  She has over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages and has spent the past 5 years focusing exclusively on preschool students.  Danielle has studied child development, discipline, and educational practices extensively.  Additionally, she has experience teaching music, theater, and story times to kids of all ages.  She currently leads Tinkergarten classes at Springwoods Park.  In her spare time, Danielle enjoys walking in nature, reading, and crafting!   

Tinkergarten is a national program of outdoor children’s classes which emphasizes learning through play.  

Ms. Danielle's Tinkergarten classes

Ms. Erika


Erika graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and served in the Navy. While living overseas in Japan, Erika worked at a Youth Center for military children, taught English through local school programs, and volunteered her time with Girl Scouts, youth sports, and children’s homes. Erika is an Admin for the “Moms of Cedar Park” playgroup and plans and hosts activities around Austin. She believes in the power of play, and leads Tinkergarten classes in Cedar Park and Dripping Springs. 

Ms. Erika's classes are at 3 PM on Sundays in Cedar Park (Mondays at 10 AM in Dripping Springs) but all class info can be found in the link below

Tinkergarten Classes near you

Ms. Tina


Tina Cavanaugh is a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor and On the Grow™ Educator

for the Original Baby Signs Program created by Dr. Linda Acredolo and Dr. Susan Goodwyn.

Since 2009 she’s been teaching play classes for younger babies (Sign, Say & Play) and older

Toddlers (More Sign, Say & Play) and also teaches a four-week tummy time series as well as a

fun sibling class. She teaches continuing education workshops for childcare center teachers and

does regular story times at Book People and other locations.

Tina’s ten years of sign language classes at Austin Sign Language School allows her to answer

more “how do you sign this?” questions from parents. Her eight years of teaching at child care

centers (infants to five years) has given her varied experience teaching “the littles” and she says

this is the most fun at a job she’s ever had.

She has a B.S. in Business and her previous jobs were in I.T. at Motorola, Pickle Research and

Schlotzsky’s Corporate Offices in Austin, TX.

Baby Signs by Tina C.