Let’s Speak Spanish!/¡Hablemos en Español!

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Mondays, 10:00 a.m. -10:45 a.m. / Todos los lunes de 10:00 a.m. -10:45 a.m.

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Class Description / Descripción de la Clase


Let's Speak Spanish!

    Wouldn’t it be fun for your kids to learn Spanish or gain additional Spanish language exposure in a community setting? Join us for an authentic Spanish language adventure with a group of Bilingual Mamas committed to teaching their kids Spanish through immersion experiences.

    This 30-minute class is geared for preschoolers, but children 0-5 are welcome as it’s never too early for language exposure. Each week we’ll explore a theme like letters and words, numbers and patterns, geography and culture, animals, fruits and veggies, colors, shapes and more! Classes will incorporate music, movement, reading and hands-on elements.


¡Hablemos en Español!

¿No le parece divertida la idea de que sus hijos aprendieran español o estuvieran expuestos al idioma español en un ambiente comunitario? Únanse a nuestra aventura navegando por el idioma español. Somos un grupo de Mamás bilingües dedicadas a enseñarle a nuestros hijos el idioma español a través de un programa de inmersión.

Esta clase de 30 minutos de duración está diseñada para niños de preescolar, sin embargo, son bienvenidos los niños de edad 0-5 años ya que nunca es demasiado temprano para comenzarlos a exponer a un idioma foráneo. Cada semana exploraremos diferentes temáticas en la clase como: letras y palabras, números y patrones, geografía y cultura, animales, frutas y verduras, colores, figuras y muchos otros temas más. Las clases incorporarán música, movimiento, lecturas y manualidades referentes a la temática del día.

Meet Our Instructors

Alice Jansen


Alice fell in love with Spanish language and culture while visiting El Salvador after high school. In college she got a Minor in Spanish and even though she pursued a career in environmental education she always found ways to incorporate Spanish. Later, she joined the Peace Corps in Guatemala and worked as an Agroforestry volunteer where she really got to practice and improve her Spanish skills. Alice has always worked in environmental education and conservation and has had the honor of working for top organizations including National Wildlife Federation, City of Austin, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Now she oversees her three and half year-old daughter’s Spanish language development. She and her husband have been exclusively speaking Spanish to her since birth and now she is bilingual. Alice is excited to help other families learn Spanish because knowing other languages in our global society benefits everyone and especially our children. They acquire so many brain benefits plus cultural awareness, empathy for others, workforce competitiveness, travel opportunities and more.

Liliana C.

Liliana is a stay at home mom, fortunate to be fluent in both English and Spanish. She has had the opportunity to travel to many distant places around the world and it has led her to see the importance of having a multicultural background as well as having a curiosity in other cultures and languages. 

In their household it is of vital importance that their family is raised with both cultural backgrounds and therefore they celebrate the traditions from the country they were born and the one that they now call home.She was exposed to multiple languages as a child and realized how it helped her not only career wise, but also in the way she learns and processes languages. Both her husband and she have been invested in providing the same opportunities for the members of their household. A few years ago she met Alice at Barnes and Noble and they both shared how they were interested in raising their children bilingual. Since then they have been part of a group of moms that meet up to have play dates and classes for their children in Spanish, as well as sharing experiences and helpful tips.

One of the big takeaways she’s noticed in her daughter is that the exposure to another language and culture has given her an empathy towards other people from other cultural backgrounds that might not share her same language.Therefore she is very patient and tries different avenues to communicate with other children that do not share her same language and she even tries to help them communicate with other people as a sort of translator. 

Dr. Wilmayra Ramirez


Dr. Wilmayra Ramirez is a Network Spinal Chiropractor at Waves Chiropractic and the mother of Kingsley Tiago (now 2yrs old). She is originally from Puerto Rico and is married to an Austinite; they now live in Dripping Springs and enjoy a slower pace of life. She communicates mostly with her husband in English, but speaks in Spanish to Kingsley almost all the time. She is excited to meet other families that share an interest in raising kids that speak more than one language. After living in several countries abroad she has realized the importance of knowing other languages not only for better job opportunities in the future, but for cultural enrichment, connections with others and brain development at a young age. She hopes the group continues to grow and to establish a community that supports each other in the journey of bilingualism.